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Sony exec: PSP is expansionary

Marketing boss talks up PSP role

Speaking at Wedbush Morgan's Access Conference in New York, Sony Computer Entertainment America marking boss John Koller outlined Sony's position on the PSP handheld.

The manager said that the handheld gadget should be viewed as a lead-in, or a "gateway drug", to the console world - by which we assume Sony mean the PlayStation 3.

"In the past, it was a small screen experience. It was something that was very difficult to have from a social perspective," he told attendees. "Those things have changed.

"It’s become, from a gaming perspective, a lot different than I think we even envisioned it when we first launched it. That’s a very good thing. It’s expansionary. For us, the PSP is a very high growth, high margin business and something that is a very good product for us."

More soon.

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