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DayZ moving to a new game engine

Or at least a new version of the old one

DayZ creator Dean Hall has revealed that the game is moving away from the old RV Engine to make use of DirectX 10 and 11.

Hall explained that their main E3 news is that they wil be using a new engine for the game called Enfusion in order to be able to add more complex effects like dynamic lighting and shadows.

The game's creator announced in a Reddit AMA, "I guess the big news that we’ve been telling here at E3 is that we’re actually moving to a new engine. It is called [Enfusion]. So that is going to allow us to do DirectX 10 and 11. It is going to allow us to do dynamic lighting, which means no more flashlights going through walls, proper dynamic shadows, stuff like that." DayZ moving to a new game engine

"It is a complete rip out of everything, but we’re definitely leveraging existing tech," Hall went on. "So if you look at Bohemia as a studio they actually acquired a great number of other studios, so really were kind of looking around and taking up tech that is available there and mixing it into the engine, rewriting new stuff from scratch that we want to do as well."

DayZ producer Brian Hicks explained the tech shift more clearly elsewhere on Reddit, "When DayZ started - we took the source from the existing RV Engine - Over the last many months, extensive clean up, new functionality, and so forth has been created for that engine - while at the same time, vast amounts of it were removed, or rewritten entirely. The changes Dean spoke of entail major leaps forward in that work, with those changes and the many more that will come through out development - we have begun to approach the point in which DayZ's engine is so no longer recognizable as RV, and because of that - and the massive work to come, it is now known by its own name, Enfusion."

So it seems that this is a similar engine shift to the 'new engine' that Infinity Ward employed when developing Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

Thanks PC Gamer.

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