Core man at Eidos quits

Heath-Smith gone

We're not going to speculate as to whether the departure of Jeremy Heath-Smith from the boards of both Core Design and Eidos is linked to the debacle surrounding Lara's latest launch, and subsequent drop in Eidos shares, though his stepping-down must surely be at least timed to coincide with the arrival of The Angel of Darkness upon our doorsteps. Eidos officially announced his departure to the London stockmarket today.

However, Heath-Smith's departure seems unlikely to be linked with the Tomb Raider delays, and subsequent critical malling, when you consider that sales are still very strong, and that the game remains at the top of the all-formats chart two weeks on. This proves that Lara the brand is certainly still as appealing as ever so perhaps Jeremy felt that his work was complete in the boardroom. We imagine he will still be maintaining a role at Core anyhow, given that he originally founded the now-famous British developer back in 1998.

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