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Haze dev responds to review score

Writer addresses IGN evaluation

Haze designer Rob Yescombe, the man behind the game's anti-corporate devilry plot, has responded to the 4.5 out of 10 awarded by in one of the game's first reviews. The score is of course far lower than anyone could have expected of Free Radical's PS3 exclusive.

While IGN's review is troubling, the game has scored well in other evaluations from Famitsu and PlayStation Magazine Italy, leaving Yescombe in philosophical mood.

"My thoughts are 'Owch'. No, wait - 'MEGAowch'," he told PSU.

"Haze has had mixed reviews, but even GoldenEye got a 4/10 when it first came out. With a 9/10 in the Italian PSM, and an extremely positive review in Famitsu, we're looking forward to people playing Haze and making a judgement for themselves."

We should have our own review of this soon.

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