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Grey PS3 pack for US only

No new shade for Europe

The gun metal grey PlayStation 3 pack, being released alongside Metal Gear Solid 4, will not be available in Europe - Konami have this morning conceded.

The limited edition hue of console can be pre-ordered stateside via the publisher's website, and only a select few will be released on this occasion - for US residents only.

No grey PS3, then, although a deal with will see a special edition pack distributed across the continent, offering a copy of the game with a soundrack CD, 'making of' DVD, alongside a special figurine. Needless to say this isn't quite as 'special' as the unique console itself.

Alternatively, Sony are set to offer a console bundle, but this will only include a standard copy of the game and a boring old black console.

MGS4 is out on June 12th.

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