Battlefield: Hardline beta launches today

Visceral going all out to avoid a repeat of the BF4 launch issues

Visceral and DICE have shown off the first proper multiplayer gameplay footage of Battlefield: Hardline but they had something better for fans.

Visceral's Steve Papoustis has announced that there is beta for Battlefield: Hardline that is live now for PC and PS4 and sign-ups are open now.

PS4 gamers that own Battlefield 4 can turn on their console, find the Battlefield 4 icon on the console's dash and download the beta straight away until the downloads reach their limit.

This is a fantastic idea as it shows that EA are really consciously trying to avoid a repeat of the horrendous launch that Battlefield 4 experienced. Battlefield: Hardline launches on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on October the 21st world wide.

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