GTA IV takes US software crown

Xbox 360 editions wins-out

More from those ever-statistical NPD reports now, word reaching us that GTA IV was comfortably the best selling game in North America last month. On the Xbox 360, too.

The 360 version of Rockstar's opus took 1.85 million sales, with Mario Kart Wii second on 1.12 million, followed by the PS3 version of GTA IV third with 1 million. The fact that the PS3 version passed one million, given the installed base, must cheer Sony somewhat, the company also claiming a superior attach-rate.

Wii Play was fourth on 360,000, Super Smash Bros. fifth and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue sixth. Meanwhile the two latest Pokemon DS titles share seventh and eighth, Guitar Hero III ninth and Call of Duty 4 tenth.

More on this soon.

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