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Sony calls time on the PSP

Just before its 10th birthday as well

Sony has announced that 2014 will spell the end for their long-running handheld the PSP.

The PSP has had its ups and downs over the years. From a rocky start the PSP finally found it's ground in Japan through ad-hoc multiplayer titles like Monster Hunter. In Europe and North America it was less-well received but it did find a following with fans of JRPGs.

At the time of writing the PSP has still managed to sell over 80 million units world wide in its nine and a half year run. Sony calls time on the PSP

Shipments to retail in the US ceased back in January. Japanese shipments will cease later this month with European shipments ending later on in the year. The PSP will live on in emerging markets in Asia and Latin America for the moment though.

Thanks Joystiq, AP and The Verge.

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