Sunday Round-up: Pre-E3 Special

Plenty of interesting news this week ahead of E3

It's that time of year again. Journalists love it an loathe it in equal measure. There's just so much new information that E3 puts out there is thrilling. You get to see so many new games with all kinds of exciting promise which is all the better when a new console generation comes along.

On the other hand, most journalists spend the show either chained to a desk with an internet stream open and a caffeine drip or bunring the candle down at both ends so far that they spend the rest of June tucked up in bed with the flu. We'll be on the job servicing all your E3 news needs and we have a handy E3 2014 hub where all the news will be collected as it happens. This week seemed to have flown by with plenty of pre-E3 rumours to excite and tease what we could see come Monday.

The Last Guardian Cancellation Rumours Sunday Round-up: Pre-E3 Special

It seems that E3 has become a magnet for rumours about Team ICO's latest game. After its original announcement back at E3 in 2009 Sony has kept the news on a game to a minimum only speaking to dispel rumours.

Just today new rumours started bubbling away suggesting that Sony had finally pulled the plug on Fumito Ueda's final title as a Sony employee (he left Team ICO in 2011 but stayed on with The Last Guardian as a freelance consultant).

This eventually prompted a response from Sony's Scott Rohde via Twitter. He said, "Shuhei Yoshida and I laughed over this rumour at dinner. The Last Guardian has not been cancelled."

No Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III at E3 Sunday Round-up: Pre-E3 Special

Square Enix had the potential to make the year of their rabid Western JRPG fanbase by bringing either Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III or even both to E3 this year. But they're not. Square Enix boss Shinji Hashimoto explained that "E3 is not the most suitable time" to show off the latest developments for both titles. He did promise that they will have something to show off later on this year and there will be a special event organised for just that purpose.

Square does have some other things brewing for E3. It seems that Crystal Dynamics will be bringing a new game to the show which is quite probably the sequel to last year's excellently gritty Tomb Raider reboot and there's always the possibility that Eidos Montreal have some news on Deus Ex to hopefully eclipse their lacklustre Thief reboot which arrived earlier this year.

It also emerged that Remember Me developer Dontnod is working on a story-driven downloadable title for Square Enix which could make an appearance.

New Mirror's Edge and Criterion's new title at E3 Sunday Round-up: Pre-E3 Special

More news has emerged over what EA are bringing to E3 this week. They have promised that there will be more news on what could be the most eagerly awaited sequel DICE has ever produced. Mirror's Edge will make an appearance although how much will be shown off is still unclear.

Burnout devs Criterion may be a very different place with the bulk of the studio splitting off to become Ghost Games UK and both founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry leaving to open a new indie studio Three Fields Entertainment but that doesn't mean the studio is dead and gone. EA is reportedly bringing Criterion's new title to E3 as well which should be an interesting reveal.

In all EA will be showing off six new games at E3. This will probably include Star Wars: Battlefront as well as Criterion's new game and Battlefield: Hardline. They'll be pushing NBA Live 15 as a redemption for last year's problematic return as well.

The Best Of The Rest Sunday Round-up: Pre-E3 Special

4A Games revealed that they are working on a new Metro game and a brand new sci-fi IP. Deep Silver has promised a couple of reveals at E3 so one of these games could very well feature.

Elsewhere the PC drivers for the Xbox One Controller arrived along with the announcement that Dead Rising 3 will be coming to the PC via Steam later on in the summer.

Microsoft also promised that Kinect is now optional for Xbox One developers and this will free up an additonal ten percent of GPU bandwidth. They also reminded gamers that just unplugging Kinect won't improve the console's performance.

It was also a big week for release dates with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Battlefield: Hardline aiming for mid-October releases and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt confirmed for release on February 25th. Sunday Round-up: Pre-E3 Special

Finally, Don't Starve developers Klei Entertainment revealed that they will be releasing the game on the PS Vita. It will hit Sony's handheld with the new Reign of Giants expansion included. Reign Of Giants will also be hitting Don't Starve on the PS4. The PC version is already available on Steam Early Access.

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