Don't Starve: Giant Edition is stomping onto the PS Vita

Reign Of Giants expansion also heading to the PS4

Klei Entertainment has announced that their quirky survive 'em up Don't Starve will be coming to the PS Vita.

Since Don't Starve arrived on the PS4 earlier this year everyone who's played it has been clamouring to play a dedicated version of the game on the PS Vita rather than playing it via Remote Play so Klei has decided to do just that.

There is extra good news here as the PS Vita version of Don't Starve will include the upcoming expansion pack Reign Of Giants which adds new seasons, more dangerous creatures and giants to the already tough survival conditions. They also announced that Reign Of Giants will be coming to for the PS4 version of Don't Starve as well for those eager for a bigger challenge on the big screen. Don't Starve: Giant Edition is stomping onto the PS Vita

There's no release date for Don't Starve: Giant Edition on the PS Vita or the Reign Of Giants expansion on the PS4 but seeing as it's in beta over on Steam Early Access at the moment hopefully they will be released some time later this year.

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