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Microsoft claims GTA IV victory

Higher sales for 360 in UK...

A new press release from Microsoft today claims victory for the Xbox 360 in the tussle for consumers over Grand Theft Auto IV. The game was also released on the PlayStation 3 of course.

In the UK, some 926,000 copies of Rockstar's opus were sold within five days. 514,000 were sold on the Xbox 360, 413,000 on the PS3. Microsoft say that the Xbox 360's higher sales demonstrates that gamers prefer their console.

"Today it has become clear that consumers are finding Xbox 360 the best way to experience Liberty City and we expect this trend to continue, especially with exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV episodes coming to Xbox 360 in the autumn," enthused Chris Lewis, regional VeePee.

"Grand Theft Auto has a new home on Xbox 360, and consumers are discovering how our platform can enhance the experience like no other."

More soon.

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