GTA Online coming from Realtime?

APB could become GTA...

All Points Bulletin developer Realtime Worlds have played down online suggestions that the developer recently bought-back the APB license from Webzen as they are hoping to pitch the project to Rockstar as GTA Online.

The Scottish developer, fronted by GTA creator David Jones, recently received an influx of venture capital which was used to acquire APB in its entirety. The game will be a city-based crime MMO.

Realtime Worlds, however, are distancing themselves from this chit-chat, stating they only acquired the rights to give them "some options".

"One of which is to launch it and support it themselves, and the other one is to look for another partner; someone else who may well be interested and have the infrastructure [to support it]," a representative told UK site

The firm previously created the popular Crackdown, another game which has drawn comparisons with GTA.

Rockstar have previously mooted the idea of a GTA MMO, but Take-Two have never crafted such a game in the past.

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