Prostitution elements cut from Aussie GTA IV

Niko's 'options' limited...

With Grand Theft Auto IV now out in most regions, our Australian friends are working out what got the game successfully rated in the land down-under, where censors demanded cuts to the title.

Apparently, it's all about the prostitution aspects of the sandbox title, the Australian release featuring fewer 'options' and a fixed camera. The US and European edition, meanwhile, allows Niko to select a service 'option' of the 20 USD or 50 USD variety.

While the 'deed' itself is in progress the camera can also be moved around the vehicle, while in the Australia edition we're presented with a fixed view of the car's rear.

Rockstar and Australian censors the OFLC haven't actually confirmed the specifics of the censorship which secured the game a release. However, this is apparently the only difference spotted so far.

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