Clarkson un-enraged by GTA IV

No anti-GTA rant from Top Gear host

Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the BBC's Top Gear and a man with an opinion on everything, has told The Sun that GTA IV didn't turn him into a violent lunatic.

The game has of course been causing quite a stir in some quarters, not least among some of the more conservative mass media outlets.

"This week the latest version of videogame Grand Theft Auto hit the shelves - and pretty soon it will be cited as the reason why people feel compelled to lock their children in cellars, why Israel cannot find peace with the Palestinians and why everyone in Britain has been stabbed," he wrote.

"Hmmm, I played an earlier version of the game and must say that at no point did I feel the need to go outside and chop off a prostitute’s head.

"In fact, as is the case with most videogames, I hadn’t a clue what was going on. I sat there, frantically stabbing at all the buttons, until a message on the screen told me the game was over.

"It was annoying. Not dangerous."

Source: VG247

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