Bungie targeting 6 v 6 for Destiny's PvP multiplayer, it will be skill based

Balancing is important for Bungie with Destiny's PvP

Bungie has given a bit more of a clear idea of what they have planned for the competitive elements of Destiny's multiplayer.

They've already made it clear that competitive multiplayer will be unlocked when players reach a certain level in the game's campaign content to make sure that it offers a more even playing field. Players will be able to bring in all of their gear and abilities from the campaign over to the competitive multiplayer as well.

What they are aiming for is to make the PvP elements more skill-based so if a player has invested a lot of time levelling up their character to have amazing gear and powers in the campaign these powers will not be overwhelming to those of a lower level in PvP games. It will focus more on players abilities to use their skills and experience to beat opponents rather than relying on a really big gun or crazy special abilities. Bungie targeting 6 v 6 for Destiny's PvP multiplayer, it will be skill based

They've also revealed that they're aiming for a 12-player top limit on the competitive multiplayer games so that players can focus on working well in teams which will range between three an six players in size.

Bungie will launch a PS4-exclusive first look alpha phase on Thursday with the full beta hitting PS4 and PS3 on July the 17th. Destiny will launch fully on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on September the 9th world wide. The trailer above shows the Devil's Lair gameplay from Destiny's campaign.

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