PS3 sales up thanks to GTA IV

New release driving interest in console

The latest word from Sony informs us that the release of Grand Theft Auto IV has seen sales of the PS3 rise, the platform holder claiming that the release of Rockstar's opus is helping drive 'brand loyal' gamers who enjoyed GTA on the PS2 over to Sony's new system.

"Grand Theft Auto fans who love the game grew up on PlayStation and we believe that rich heritage will be a deciding factor for many gamers at retail," assured PSN big wig boss Peter Dille. "This enthusiasm for GTA IV, combined with the excitement behind Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, and Resistance 2 will further drive PS3 hardware sales."

Outspoken gaming analyst Michael Pachter also believes the PS3 could benefit as PS2 owners looking to enter the GTA IV fray, although Microsoft understandably disagrees, noting stronger sales of the 360 version.

"What we’ve heard anecdotally from our retail partners is that the Xbox 360 version of the game is outselling the PS3 version by a margin of two-to-one," responded Aaron Greenberg, speaking online.

"That mirrors what we saw with pre-orders, but it continues to hold true at retail, at least for the first couple of days. It’s a great sign."

More as we get it.

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