GTA2 heading to XBLA and PSN?

Counter spied on retro GTA site

According to this Rockstar Games website, we'll be getting something new related to GTA2 in just nine days, and, possibly, something else related to GTA: London in eleven days.

Quite what remains very much open to conjecture, however online forum gossip speculates that this could be the release of classic Grand Theft Auto editions on the Xbox Live Arcade and / or the PlayStation Network.

Alternatively, it could be something related to these 90s releases on the PC. We're unsure.

The original games were of course top-down and somewhat less elabourate, although they do demonstrate the origins of the series' famed sandbox gameplay rather well.

What do you think these counters point towards, reader?

Update: Pop! It looks like this rumour has been well and truly squashed. Apparently, this site has existed for years and does in fact never finish counting down. GTA2, meanwhile, is already available for free on the PC.

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