Obama concerned for GTA generation

School must come first...

Delivering a speech in the US state of Indiana, Democratic presidential front-runner Barrack Obama has spoken of the influence of Grand Theft Auto on America's youth.

Surprisingly, the politician doesn't attack the game's moral standpoint, but rather he simply says that kids should make sure they're studying at school, as well as playing games.

"I was just catching the news this morning about Grand Theft Auto, this video game, which is gonna break all records and make goo-gobs of money for whoever designed it. Now, this isn't intended for kids, although I promise you there are kids who are playing it," he is quoted by GamePolitics as stating.

"But these video games are raising our kids. Across the board, middle-class, upper-class, working-class kids, they're spending a huge amount of their time not on their studies, but on entertainment.

"And so part of our job is going to have to be to inspire the entire country to say, 'How are we giving our kids a thirst for knowledge?' And turning off the TV set, and getting them to be engaged and interested, like their future really does matter on how well they do in school."

I wonder what Hilary Clinton thinks of GTA...

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