GTA attacked by anti-drink driving group

Group wants game sales stopped

The section(s) of Grand Theft Auto IV which allow you to drive around Liberty City while drunk have come under attack this week from the US pressure group Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The group are dismayed by the inclusion of this section, and they are demanding the game be re-rated by the ESRB, production of the game halted, as a show of 'respect' to those affected by drink driving.

"Each year nearly 13,500 people die in drunk driving crashes and another half a million are injured in alcohol-related traffic crashes. This is why MADD is extremely disappointed by the decision of the manufacturers of the game Grand Theft Auto IV to include a game module where players can drive drunk," said a statement from the group.

"Drunk driving is not a game and it is not a joke. Drunk driving is a choice, a violent crime and it is also 100 percent preventable.

"MADD is calling on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board to reclassify Grand Theft Auto IV as an Adults Only game, a step up from the current rating of Mature and for the manufacturer to consider a stop in distribution - if not out of responsibility to society then out of respect for the millions of victims/survivors of drunk driving," said the release from the group this week.

The game does of course give you the option of taking a cab, and should you get behind the wheel while under the influence a police chase is also guaranteed.

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