Did GTA IV cost 100 million USD?

Benzies estimated cost

Grand Theft Auto IV has readily been compared to blockbuster feature films, and we learn today that Rockstar's opus may have had a budget to match a major Hollywood production.

The Times were speaking with Rockstar North boss Leslie Benzies, who lets slip that the new GTA may have been the most expensive game ever created.

"It’s like making a theatre production, a few movies and an album all to fit into one package," he comments.

Although he isn't exactly sure what the game cost, he goes on to estimate something in the region of 100 million USD, with 1,000 people having been involved in the production.

Of course, 100 million USD could start to look like a drop in the ocean as the sales figures roll-in, but the huge sum does demonstrate Rockstar's perfectionism and, more generally, the cost of creating a top triple-A release.

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