Konami plan Karaoke Revolution

In Japan, at least are today reporting on a spot of news that was carried in the latest issue of revered Jap magazine Famitsu - namely that Konami are releasing a brand new Karaoke title later this summer, which will be a dedicated home-consumer version of Karaoke Revolution.

Four game modes will feature: karaoke, revolution, team battle and audition, and gamers will compete using a new PS2 USB microphone which will be sold separately. One aspect of the game will utilise an online scoreboard to which players can upload their tracks, whilst the game will give a score based on your performance. Eight singers can battle-it-out in multiplayer too, and some form of obscure 'story' mode is also promised.

Add-on discs are planned which will carry new songs, though as an alternative these may also be made available via PS2 broadband. No word on a European release yet sadly, but given the success of Konami's Dance Revolution titles we're certainly hopeful.

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