GTA IV is go

Batten down the hatches

April 29th has finally eased into view and Grand Theft Auto IV is finally out on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Across the UK and Europe, stores opened at midnight to sell their allocations of the new sandbox title, with many outlets not expecting to have copies left by morning. Indeed, in many stores pre-orders will take up all initial stocks leaving nothing for the more casual player.

In the US of A, meanwhile, we're already getting reports of frenzied store struggles for available stocks, while one delivery man has been caught stealing copies of the eagerly awaited game en route to be delivered today.

Queues of men, some of them drunk, appears to be one of the themes of this launch, while Rockstar big wig Dan Houser reportedly turned up at GAME in Kingston. We also hear-tell of international productivity falling today, as gamers take days off work or pull sickies in order to spend the next 24 hours immersed in Liberty City.

GTA IV could sell six million copies in its first week. Or even more, if anecdotal evidence is anything to go on.

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