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PSN ban for early GTA IV player debunked

One week ban for early 'purchaser'

According to internet chatter, one Dutch gamer has been banned from the PlayStation Network for one week, after he was caught playing Grand Theft Auto IV early online.

The game is officially released tomorrow, but there have been sporadic reports suggesting the game has been leaked over torrent networks, and even of odd stores selling it early.

The gamer in question insists he bought the game from a shop and wasn't indulging in a pirated version.

"I got it from a store called Futurzone in Rotterdam, the Netherlands," he said on a forum. "If I turn my PS3 on it wont let me log in. They send a email to me with the ban crap."

Update: A representative from the forum in question has just contacted us stating this story isn't true, and that the poster in question has been suspended. More shortly.

More shortly.

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