Resignations at Blizzard

Roper gone

A number of high-profile staff members have resigned from their positions at top US developer Blizzard it emerged yesterday evening. VP Bill Roper is out the door, leaving his rather large design shoes empty, much to parent-company Vivendi's dismay no doubt. Also gone are the three founders of Condor (Diablo) - Erich and Max Schaefer, and David Brevik.

As well as the large ripples which Roper's resignation will cause, the loss of the ex-Condor chaps will also harm Blizzard from a development perspective. Of course, we do expect these departees to be back with us shortly perhaps at the helm of a brand new developer, but Vivendi Games constant sale-rumours are also thought to have contributed to their unrest.

"We wanted to have a level of involvement that was not going to be made available," Roper told GameSpot of the company sale. "For the interests of the people that we work with, we should have been able to talk to the people that make the decisions and that knew what was going on."

More on this as we get it.

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