PS4/PS Vita bundle appears on Amazon

It is a great idea

It has been a long will-they/won't-they saga with Sony over a hardware bundle including both the PS4 and the PS Vita but it looks like it could finally be a reality.

Amazon France has started taking pre-orders for a PS4/PS Vita bundle just ahead of E3 which could mean that Sony is planning to reveal the bundle during their E3 media briefing.

From the images on Amazon France it seems like the bundle will include the PS4, one controller and one of the brand new PS Vita Slims. PS4/PS Vita bundle appears on Amazon

What is interesting is that the entry has not been pulled by Amazon after coming to light. According to the entry the bundle will be released on July the 4th (if my high school French serves me correctly) and will cost 579.99 EUR.

Thanks Kotaku.

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