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See Gauntlet's gear system with the new Relics Trailer

Plenty of loot to aid budding heroes defeat Morak

Warner Bros has given a taste of the kind of gear that players can expect from Arrowhead's reboot of the arcade classic RPG Gauntlet when it arrives later this year.

Players will be able to get their hands on all kinds of mystical weaponry and armour to aid them in their quest to defeat the evil sorcerer Morak and his armies of vile minions.

Arrowhead will be showing off Gauntlet in all of it's four-player co-op glory on the show floor at this year's E3 between June 10th and June 12th. See Gauntlet's gear system with the new Relics Trailer

Gauntlet is set to launch on September the 3rd on the PC and it will lead the launch of Warner Bros' new digital platform the WB Vault. You can also pre-order the game now to receive an exclusive prologue digital comic created by DC Entertainment.

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