Carmack addresses Students

id man to hold talk

Games Domain are reporting that id Supremo John Carmack will be addressing new SMU students in July at the Meadows Museum, Dallas. Sadly, the talk will be open only to Guildhall students and other members of the faculty.

Carmack is of course the technical boffin behind the game engines featured in the likes of Doom, Quake and the forthcoming Doom 3.

"We're thrilled to have John Carmack kick off our program," said Dr. Peter Raad, Director of the Hart eCenter. "John's reputation as someone who consistently unleashes the untapped possibilities of technology to enhance the gameplay experience truly complements what the Guildhall at SMU is committed to -- providing a state-of-the-art education center that enables students to succeed in the rapidly evolving world of game development."

Get back to work and finish Doom 3, wastrel!

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