Houser notes GTA IV platform differences

PS3 version is 'warmer'

Speaking to, Rockstar big cheese Sam Houser has been talking about the visuals of Grand Theft Auto IV, noting that the game will look a little different depending on whether you play it on the PS3 or the Xbox 360.

Houser does admit that the two versions do look somewhat different, in his view, and he seems to even lean ever-so slightly the way of the PS3 edition.

"There’s a slight difference in the way they look," he offers. "I think that’s to do with really low-level technical stuff that I’m not the guy to explain.

"The 360 games have a certain look to them; PS3 games have a certain look to them. I like the way [the PS3 version] renders.

"There’s a certain kind of softness without being blurry - some warmth to it - and then there’s a certain more clinical element to how the 360 looks."

More GTA IV soon. Probably in another five-minutes, or so.

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