Watch Dogs is the best-selling Ubisoft launch in history

Delay works out for the best for Ubisoft, at least sales-wise

It looks like the wait for Watch Dogs has ultimately proven to be a good thing for Ubisoft. They have announced that their latest IP scored the biggest launch day sales in Ubisoft's history.

"Today we broke the record for the biggest first day sales in Ubisoft history. I can never say it enough: thank you everyone! We love you all for your passion and your creativity," said Watch Dog's creative director Jonathan Morin.

Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot added, "Watch Dogs is an amazing achievement and our teams should be proud that the creativity, innovation and long hours they invested in making this game are paying off. It's great to see so many customers enjoy playing the game, and it shows that Watch Dogs has cracked the code for developing a new blockbuster IP and a thoroughly new-gen experience." Watch Dogs is the best-selling Ubisoft launch in history

The volume of sales has overwhelmed Ubisoft somewhat and is probably the reason why they have been experiencing such difficulty in keeping their Uplay servers up and running under the weight of traffic.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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