Bethesda and Deep Silver have unannounced titles to reveal at E3

So says Twitch's streaming schedule

Bethesda may not be announing Fallout 4 at this year's E3 but they do have something to reveal and so does Deep Silver.

According to Twitch's E3 streaming schedule Bethesda has one unannounced title to show off in between EA and Ubisoft's press conferences on Monday the 9th of June. Given that this schedule was posted today on Twitch's blog it is unlikely that the streaming slot is reserved for Bethesda's recently announced free-to-play game BattleCry.

On Tuesday, after Nintendo's digital stream ends, Deep Silver has booked out two slots for 'unannounced titles'. The publisher's US PR person, Aubrey Norris Tweeted this last week. “Just sayin, but if you don't make an appt to see our stuff at E3, you are p much going to hate yourself once you find out what it is.” Bethesda and Deep Silver have unannounced titles to reveal at E3

Good money is on one of these unannounced titles being a next-gen Saints Row game especially seeing how well Saints Row IV did for them last year.

Twitch has a packed streaming line-up planned for E3 including the entirety of the major press conferences. 

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