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New character, Prophet arrives on Nosgoth

First dual-wielding character arrives for Psyonix' free-to-play Legacy Of Kain game

Square Enix and Psyonix have unveiled a new character that they have rolled out for Nosgoth players to get to grips with.

Prophet is a human character and she employs an array of blood curses and magical abilities to take down Vampire characters. She makes good use of tainted blood in her weaponry by dipping bullets in it and enchanting them with some wicked hexes.

Her weapons of choice are dual-wielded pistols and she can switch between her standard dual flintlock pistols, Heavy Pistols that deal heavier damage at the cost of rate of fire and Quick Pistols that can spray weaker bullets out at a much quicker rate of fire. New character, Prophet arrives on Nosgoth

Prophet is the first player class to be able to dual-wield weaponry and she is available to use now in the current closed beta build of Nosgoth. Nosgoth is available to start playing as part of the Steam Early Access programme. It will also be playable on the show floor at this year's E3.

E3 Trailer