New MechAssault Freebies


Those with an Xbox and a copy of MechAssault (with Live! enabled), will be pleased to know that some more free content for the game has now gone live for download. Firstly, there's a new capture the flag map - Jotenheim. This however is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg with more new game modes and maps now also up for grabs.

You've got Skirmish and Team Skirmish, as well as Scout Match and Team Scout Match to get to grips with now, and both these modes limit the type of Mechs and subsequent battles in which players engage one another. There's also "Giant Killers", which pits one uber-Mech against a band of plucky upstarts in a fight that will see the eventual 'David' becoming the goliath in the next game.

Another two new maps are Demolition Town and Rock Solid.

E3 Trailer