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iPhone connectivity with PS3 coming

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A NetBlender SDK will soon allow Apple's iPhone to communicate with the PlayStation 3 console, CTO Denny Breitenfeld reveals to Gizmodo today.

The new connectivity will see the the iPhone acting as a PS3 remote control, and will also introduce new touch features that might be integrated into PS3 movies (via Blu-ray), games and applications.

The CTO said the new SDK "will allow studios, independent movie companies to enable BD Touch features. These features send data in two directions from the Disc to the iPhone and vice versa. Video, audio, text, and player commands can be sent. So right now it seems everyone likes the ‘remote control’ idea. However the player can control the iPhone as well."

Another possible application of this new feature would see portable versions of Blu-ray releases copied to the iPhone for watching on the go.

More on this as we get it.

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