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PS3 install times explained

All about Blu-ray....

An interesting new article which has emerged this week, explains the technical reasoning behind the lengthy install-times required by players loading up their new PS3 games for the first time.

Apparently, several games require large portions of the game to be installed on the PS3's hard disc because of the way the Blu-ray drive reads media.

The Blu-ray drive works in quite a different manner to a standard DVD drive, we're told, the drive only capable of reading at one speed while a DVD can read at multiple speeds.

This means that the outer-edge of a disc is traveling faster than the centre, meaning longer load-times in certain places if a developer relies solely on the drive itself.

Sizable game installations are then a way for developers to negate this speed-related issue, and make loading times quicker in-game in return for a lengthy initial install.


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