Gaming thief nabs School Projectors

Merseyside teenagers fund console addiction

Merseyside police have raided six homes and arrested a fourteen year old boy in connection with a gaming-related crime, reports Ananova today, as a teenager is believed to be responsible for the theft of twenty projectors from a school in Halewood. The projectors can be used in conjunction with consoles and PCs to project large images of on-screen action.

The projectors are often ceiling mounted and can be worth up to £3000 each. Inspector Shaun Holland warned potential thieves: "The crackdown today is just the start of a major investigation to trace this group of youths who we believe are targeting schools and committing these burglaries with the specific aim of stealing the projectors."

He continued: "Now that we know why this crime is occurring, and what makes the projectors attractive to thieves, Merseyside Police is dedicating resources to tracking down and arresting the offenders. I am warning any person who is thinking of committing this crime and targeting schools. Don't, because these units are easily identifiable and we will find you and arrest you."

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