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System Shock 2 Updated

Bringing on back the good times

Some awfully talented chap has had a flipping great idea. He's decided that System Shock 2 is way too good a game to be left drifting in the past and brought some of the graphics right up to the present. Now in a game as good as SS2 the graphics aren't essential. Yet the atmosphere of the game can only be improved by taking the original low-polygon meshes and replacing them with modern, new-fangled hi-res ones. This guy, Etienne Aubert, has already made it to beta 1, so if replaying one of the greatest ever games takes your fancy, head over to http://perso.wanadoo.fr/etienne.aubert/sshock/sshock_rebirth.htm.

But wait, what if you are unlucky enough to have never played the game in the first place, or absent enough to have lost it? Well the good news is that you can download SS2 without breaking any laws. This is about the only positive thing to come from the demise of the sorely missed Looking Glass development house, as the rights to the game are in limbo. So you can head over to that fine repository of abandonware games, the underdogs, and get yourself a copy. Here's the link, and another to a fix for XP/2000 users: www.brave.net.nz/shock2_xp_2000_fix.zip, http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?name=System+Shock+2.

Now aren't we good to ya?

Related in content but not in personnel, there's also a mod in development called 'The Shock Project'. This will have all new content to go with the new storyline. If that floats your boat swing by: http://www.purkaia.net/tsp/ and have a peek.

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