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Epic give a very eary sneek peek at the new Unreal Tournament

It's alive!

Epic has released their very first sneek peek at their upcoming revival of Unreal Tournament. The game is being developed in conjunction with the Unreal Tournament community and will be completely free to play when it arrives.

The new footage shows the first build of the game in action with the classic Shock Rifle electrically-charged weapon. The game is currently in ridiculously minimal state with few textures and no recoil on the weapons but the development team are definitely very excited that they actually have the game working in a very primitive form.

The game's community manager Stacey Conley stated, "We're rolling here, so we'll be getting the game out to everybody soon and we're really excited." Epic give a very eary sneek peek at the new Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament is a very ambitious project for Epic as it hopes to get the community involved in building the game like including building parts of the game. It is their hope that they can monetize the game by hosting a marketplace for the community to sell their own Unreal Tournament creations rather than adopting a more traditional free-to-play model.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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