Samsung reportedly working on a VR headset

Headset to be built for Android devices

New reports have appeared indicating that Samsung is working on their own VR headset for use with their range of smartphones and tablets.

The details are fairly vague at this point but sources close to Samsung have said that the device will feature an OLED screen that's at least as good as the one in the second-gen Oculus Rift development kits.

They've also indicated that the device is not being designed to work with Samsung's new operating system Tizen so it looks like it will be aimed at the Android market. This means high-end devices like the Note 3, Galaxy S5 upcoming Galaxy tablets and smartphones. Samsung reportedly working on a VR headset

It will be interesting to see exactly how this mobile VR will play out, especially with Oculus Rift's designs on the mobile market but we'll need more specifics on Samsung's device before we can get an idea of how capable it will be.

Thanks Engadget.

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