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Duke Nukem Forever in 2004?

If at all

I noticed on the newly IGN'd VE3D.com a rather interesting piece of news concerning Take 2 and Duke Nukem Forever, who in a recent conference call revealed that they're taking no chances on the title whatsoever.

Analyst: Regarding Duke Nukem Forever for the PC, any chance - any possibility under the sun - that we see that this holiday season? Or at what point do you guys just pull the plug on that?

Take Two: I think in terms of possibilities under the sun for this holiday season, the answer to that is 'no.' With regards to next year, we're in a wait and see mode at this point. You know, last quarter we wrote it down substantially, so we generally already pulled the plug. And right now we're just hopeful that the team in Dallas will finish it.

This conference call quote was originally to be found on the Shacknews forums apparently.

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