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CCP announces Kronos, the summer update for EVE Online

Kronos update to shake up EVE's industries

CCP has unveiled Kronos the summer update for EVE Online.

Kronos is the first update in a new shift in CCP's content delivery plans boosting from two updates a year to ten updates a year.

This update is very much designed to affect EVE's industrial landscape. It adds cost-scale differences, specialized workers, changes to reprocessing and more. CCP announces Kronos, the summer update for EVE Online

EVE Online senior producer Andie Nordgren said, “The new cadence of development will allow us to take on bigger, more ambitious features, deliver content at an increased pace, and give our players even more to look forward to. Kronos is the perfect release to kick off the series of upcoming changes as it provides the foundation for the colonization dreams of player empires we’re working towards—epic sci-fi construction projects that lead to new parts of the universe.”

Kronos will arrive for EVE Online on June 3rd.

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