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NCSoft deny Tabula Rasa "financial disaster" talk

NCSoft CFO admits huge losses

Lee Jae-ho, CFO of Korean online giant NCSoft, has described new MMO Tabula Rasa as a financial "disaster", while speaking with The Korean Times.

The futuristic MMO was crafted by genre veteran Richard Garriott, and boasts real-time combat and strategy in a vast persistent world. Unfortunately, however, the game has failed to garner the subscriptions hoped for.

"We are going to revamp our Austin development organization," the CFO revealed, confirming that the MMO studio is to be down-sized.

Rumour has it that Tabula Rasa cost over 54 million GBP to craft, and that the game only made 2.7 million GBP last year. This year's predictions are only slightly better at 8 million GBP.

"If you talk about our development cost we spent in the past several years, probably we are not making any money from this Tabula Rasa project. That should be the reality."

More on NCSoft Austin as we get it.

Update: NCSoft community manager Amy Crider has hit out at the Korean Times' report as "wildly inaccurate," while other sources cast doubt over the 54 million GBP (100 million USD) development cost figure mooted.

"Unfortunately, their writer has been responsible for several inflammatory articles containing sloppy reporting and erroneous content in the past year. They are by no means an 'official' source of information," Crider adds on the report.

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