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Uplay creaking under the weight of Watch Dogs launch day traffic

Ubisoft are working on the problem

Uplay, Ubisoft's online platform seems to be suffering a bit under the weight of traffic caused by the launch of Watch Dogs.

Bear in mind that they PC version is a 30GB download plus the traffic created by those PC gamers trying register their retail copies seems to be causing some issues with the platform.

When we tried to log on to download our copy we were met with a blank screen and that is something that hasn't changed for the last 45 minutes at the time of writing. Uplay creaking under the weight of Watch Dogs launch day traffic

Some Watch Dogs PC forum users are reporting that Uplay is down at the minute although they're not reporting many symptoms beyond stating that it is down. Console gamers are also reporting issues on the forums. There are also reports of PC users being unable to register their copies of the game coming from Twitter.

Ubisoft has stated on Twitter that they are on the case. The said, “Servers are up, but some people are experiencing issues... The team are working to resolve this at the moment.”

We have a direct link to download the Uplay PC desktop app here.

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