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SOE announces Planetside 2 for the PS4

PS4's free-to-play credentials keep on growing

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing Planetside 2 to the PS4.

John Smedley, head of SOE, announced the news in an interview with Bloomberg that they will be bringing their exceptionally popular FPS to the PS4 early next year.

Smedley said, "We’re helping the Sony PlayStation 4 launch on November 15 [or November 29 in Europe] by releasing DC Universe Online at launch, and we’re following up that early next year with our next game, Planetside 2, on PS4." SOE announces Planetside 2 for the PS4

The PS4 has a pretty decent launch line-up as far as free-to-play games goes with Blacklight: Retribution and Warframe arriving with the console alongside SOE's DC Universe Online. As a bonus they'll all be playable without the need for a PS Plus subscription.