id Software insider: The studio is leaking top talent since the ZeniMax merger

"The office culture sucks"

Reports have emerged claiming to be from a staffer at id Software indicating that the studio has been seriously suffering since it merged with ZeniMax.

Since ZeniMax bought the iconic DOOM and Quake creators they have lost some key people in former GM Todd Hollenshead and co-founder John Carmack but these new comments which have surfaced on Reddit seem to show that the troubles run far deeper than a couple of veterans moving on.

Reddit user throwaway_zeni claims to be a developer at the studio and has stated that the studio has been leaking talent since the ZeniMax merger with other key individuals “checking out” as well. “We’ve been losing top-notch talent left and right ever since the Zenimax purchase, but more so after Rage didn’t do too well,” throwaway_zeni wrote. id Software insider: The studio is leaking top talent since the ZeniMax merger

“We’re alright now, but I really believe that this is no longer the place that it was when I started years ago. The office culture sucks a**, and unless you’re keen to sticking your nose up certain people’s a**es, or have been here since the days when we could actually ship games, then you’re not going to get very far.“

“Apart from giving us resources, they gave some INDIVIDUALS a huge payoff,” the source went on. “Those individuals proceeded to stop giving a f**k, in my opinion. I heard that the deal was that they would collect large sums of cash over the course of a couple years. As a result, most of them chequed out, and continue to sit on their a**es until they are completely payed off. I imagine once full payoff has been received after the Zeni deal, they’ll leave as well. They don’t care about this place, they care about money. These are my opinions.”

Id Software is currently working on DOOM 4 although, despite the mention of a beta for the game coming with pre-orders for this weeks release Wolfenstein: The New Order, it is still delayed indefinitely while they take the game back to the drawing board.

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