EA dubious over KOTOR 3 rumours

No Knights plans at BioWare

Rumours doing the rounds online this week have hinted that BioWare could be planning Knights of the Old Republic 3, in addition to a secret MMO project and the developers other concerns.

Owners EA this week rubbished such speculation, stating that no new KOTOR title is in the works at BioWare, even though CEO John Riccitiello reportedly mentioned a Knights of the Old Republic title when speaking with analysts.

Boogie, Black and SKATE were also mooted in the business presentation, however we today learn that the big cheese was referencing past releases, not forthcoming titles. Studio pedigree was apparently the point, not future development plans.

"The MMO in development at Bioware Austin is listed a 'New MMO'. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused," explained an EA rep.

LucasArts have also distanced themselves from this chit-chat, so we presume that this really is a non-starter, sadly.

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