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E3: Matrix Online revealed

Nothing is what it seems

Ubi Soft confirmed today that they will be co-publishing The Matrix Online with movie licence owner Warner Bros. This new MMOG promises a huge cityscape for gamers to explore and interact within - with the exterior placidity belying the war for control which operatives like the player will wage beneath the surface.

Apparently, the plot will continue where the movie trilogy concludes, and is penned by the creators of the films.

Here's the official features that have been revealed thus far:

  • You Know Kung Fu Unload on the malicious Agents of the Matrix with dozens of weapons and martial arts manoeuvres in the supercharged kung-fu style of The Matrix.
  • Deep Character Building Develop a virtual character that lives in the Matrix with thousands of other online players. Obtain hundreds of powerful Matrix abilities that you can swap out and exchange like trading cards.
  • Infinite Possibilities Take advantage of an extensive mission system that provides you with a seemingly infinite variety of gameplay options, storyline revelation, and character experience.

    "Imagine if the Matrix existed today, if millions of people could enter a simulation so convincing, so real, that they believed it to be an actual place," commented Yves Guillemot, President of Ubi Soft Entertainment. "Ubi Soft and Warner Bros. Studios will bring the Matrix universe to life - enabling gamers throughout the world to participate in the continuously evolving world of The Matrix Online."

    The Matrix Online is being developed by Monolith and EON Entertainment - the company owned by Matrix creators the Wachowski Brothers.

    A beta test is planned for late 2003, and the game itself will be out in 2004.

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