Next-gen console prove to be totally electricity-hungry

Wii U manages to beat even the Wii for power economy though

A new study has been published showing that the new crop of home consoles are sucking up a huge amount of electricity compared to the previous generation of machines.

The Natural Resources Defense Council in the US has found that the PS4 and Xbox One consume between three and four times the electricity that the PS3 and Xbox 360 do.

The Xbox One is the worst culprit consuming between 210 and 289 Kwh of electricity per year depending on the TV mode usage compared with the Xbox 360 which uses around 70 Kwh per year. Next-gen console prove to be totally electricity-hungry

The PS4 is not that much better consuming around 181 Kwh per year as opposed to the PS3 which manages a respectable 64 Kwh per year.

The Wii U manages to come out on top by actually besting even the Wii's power consumption. It uses up a measly 37 Kwh per year which beats the Wii's 40 Kwh per year.

As for gaming PCs, don't ask...

Thanks Vice.

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