Iwata: No MMO from Nintendo

Executive unconvinced by booming genre

Nintendo big boss Satoru Iwata has stated that the Big N have no plans to delve into the murky worlds of the MMO genre, despite the growing importance of such games, and the significance of various 'social networking' spin-offs, such as the PS3's Home.

If Ninty were to make an MMO, it would have to be fun if you're "5 or 95", according to Iwata, while it would also have to be easily playable by those who are not computer or 'game' literate. "If that's not a hurdle we can get past, it's not something Nintendo is going to pursue," the executive told GameSpot.

Iwata believes the genre hasn't evolved enough to entice Nintendo yet, games like Second Life "aren't at a place where we'd like to join in - and certainly not to the point that we'd want to jump into competition with everybody else."

Moving on, Iwata tells the US website he believes third-party game sales on the Wii will increase, comparing the situation to the DS where third-parties took a while to get to grips with the innovative hardware.

Indeed, he believes the situation is resolving itself, citing December sales figures: "Wii titles are outselling Xbox 360 titles, and only five of the 20 Wii titles on the list were created by Nintendo, with the remaining 15 from third-party developers."

More from Iwata and Nintendo in general as we get it.

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