Lords Of The Fallen dev struggled with Dark Souls comparisons

Tomasz Gop promises a focus on not ripping off their influences

Tomasz Gop, executive producer on new RPG Lords Of The Fallen has spoken of the troubles he face with the comparions the game has drawn with Dark Souls.

Gop, who previously worked on The Witcher series, explained that he had a tough time to begin with until he focused on the idea that he needed to draw inspiration from Dark Souls and make sure that it is seen as a positive creative force rather than making a game that seems like it just ripped off From Software's intense RPG series.

He began, "I had a really tough time around a year ago, or even beyond that. It's a tough start for a developer to be associated that strongly with something, even if it is something that's a great inspiration. Lords Of The Fallen dev struggled with Dark Souls comparisons

"But at the same time, just one day I said, 'Hey man, you have to let go. Whatever people think, just make sure it's not going to be a rip-off, it's not going to be a bad inspiration,' and I sleep way better since then,” he continued.

"I've never heard people saying that you have ripped off that game completely, which is good enough for me,” Gop went on. “There are a lot of inspirations in this game - and everybody can see that - and I'm not going to be hiding that.”

He added, "There are fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter, there are elements of Souls games and so on, and we definitely try to nail the elements that bumped the feeling of the game being punishing for a lot of players, especially for people who don't treat games like 600-page books, where they have to bite nails into it.”

Lords Of The Fallen is due to be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One some time later this year.

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