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Sunset Overdrive still running at sub-1080p on Xbox One

Insomniac not concerned with counting pixels

Insomniac has revealed that their new Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive is still not quite hitting that golden resolution of 1080p.

The studio's president and CEO Ted Price revealed the news in a brand new interview adding that they are more concerned with bringing their new world to life rather than counting pixels.

Price explained, "We're still working on optimising and we're going to continue to do that. We can get into all the technical stuff later. This is going to be a [question] for every game that comes out. People will be counting pixels. For us, it's about the vision: you saw it, you played it. It's about creating a world." Sunset Overdrive still running at sub-1080p on Xbox One

The new interview also revealed that the games characters are made up of around 40,000 polygons. While it's nowher near inFamous: Second Son's 120,000 polygons per character or Ryse's 85,000 polygons per character it's still pretty impressive.

Thanks Edge issue 267.

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